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FOX News
Nov 30, 2013 3:00pm PST
? >> reporter: hi, gregg. we don't have any numeric data yet on the relaunch of the web site. meaning how many people have tried to log on and how quickly they were able to sign up and enroll. but the department of health and human services did put out this update this afternoon. the statement said, quote, the site is performing well today with low overall error rates and response times. despite heavier than normal weekend traffic. we're making additional hardware upgrades and software fixes tonight as part of a planned set of improvements to improve speed and reduce errors. the president's team has been working for weeks on this web site. it was down for 11 hours last night for maintenance. by today, 50,000 people should be able to use the web site at the same time and the web site should be able to handle 800,000 consumer visits a day. republicans say they're skeptical and waiting to see if the obama administration will live up to these promises. >> what they have done was to reset the expectation so many different times. they missed half their legal deadlines. they've had 22 delays. they've
Nov 26, 2013 9:00pm PST
coast to coast. >> weather fine here i don't know what's going on over there so we are here nice and early and hope to get out. >> headed to the airport take the travel tip with you. check the airline web site to see if they allow flight changes for free. seen up for the app for the latest on any delay. by thursday the storm will be gon gone. but strong winds hyped it could spoil an 87 year tradition. those giant balloo balloons macy thanksgiving day parade could be grounded. tonight 15 states have winter weather advisory here in the nation capitol we won't see any snow but it is beginning to feel like christmas. white house tremendous areeves on friday. >> now if flying delta u.s. airways united and jet blue will waive any change fee for people who pet stuck for the flight get cancelled. it's it's likely that more air lens will do the same as this storm hits. >> in december san francisco international airport will bring in train dog like toby to help passengers who are feeling a little stressed. the dog will be deployed at all term national thanks to the spca and animal
Nov 9, 2013 8:00pm EST
on their politics. >> now in previous books you have said that these tough love for liberals even though you don't love them, in this book -. >> yes. >> there is tough love for conservatives but you do love them. what is some of that tough love you just doubt on this book? >> the theme of this book is that life is a horror when democrats ran. [applause] it covers many many many aspects of that, the pension, the public-sector unions the crime rates oh new york city. it's about to find out what it's like when a democrat wins. and as a right at the beginning of the book whenever democrats get huge majorities in congress and have a democratic president really bad things happen to the country. after berry goldwater loses in historic landslide and footnote why did berry goldwater when -- lose in historic -- because he was a libertarian purists that voted against the civil rights act because it had restrictions on private business is. berry goldwater and i'm almost tempted not to defend him, goldwater's department stores or integrated before federal buildings in washington. he integrated arizona's gove
Nov 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
wanted. don't try to take him on. his safety isn't worth the money. >> reporter: armed robberies in walnut creek are rare. the suspect is 5'9" wearing a dark sweat shirt, blue jeans, a baseball cap. >>> family members of the lax shooter tried to stop paul ciancia. they notified lapd. those officials visited the suspects home and missed him by 45 minutes. he opened fire at lax killing a tsa worker. witness accounts are emerging from that deadly day. >> we were up in security. we heard the gun shot. everybody in security hit the ground. a lot of folks were scrambling. there was a pause. i looked down the escalator and saw the gunmen. . >> ciancia was dropped off by a friend. that friend had no knowledge of his plan. he is an unemployed motorcycle mechanic now facing charges of murder and violating laws at an international airport. >>> a 4.5 magnitude earthquake was 6 miles deep. 165 miles off the coast near ferndale. >>> a man made threats on a jet blue flight. he was making concerning statements. the man's luggage determined everything was fine. no information on the sub. one pass
Nov 10, 2013 10:20am EST
include the column in which -- because i don't know if any of you ever watched it, i seriously could not miss it because it was so, it's like watching a car crash every night. and i went to cornell, you know, in california you probably don't know much about cornell. it's a large school, seven different schools. one of them is the ivy league school, the school of arts and sciences. there's also a school of hotel management, there's an agriculture school. if you want to be a farmer, it's one of the best agriculture schools in the country. but those are not are ivy league schools. there is a school of home ec. they set that one up because it was really far away, and it used to be an all men's school so they needed to get the gals there. this is actually a school, it's now called human ecology at cornell. the only reason i mention all is normally i wouldn't take joy in attacking someone else's educationallal achievements, except every night keith olberman would do it to someone else. so, you know, someone working for the bush administration who went to, i forget, some christian law schoo
Nov 15, 2013 11:30pm PST
agreement. they say a deal is a deal. >> i don't see how it is an honest mistake. you signed it. we signed it. >> bart riders are frustrated. >> i don't want another strike. >> tom hawk is out and a new chief negotiator will be named soon. lillian kim, abc news. >> that is what is going wrong and let's talk about what is going right. batkid captured our hearts and the city. the city was transformed to gothem city 20* help -- to help miles scott's dream come true. he was presented the key to the city. sergio, what a day. >> what a day indeed. tonight san francisco city hall is lit up in batkid's colors and while it was a wish come true for the 5-year-old it was a spectacular day for thousands of people to watch. as batkid emerged from batman's smoky base of operations in a lamborghini bat mobile it was the beginning of a day long adventure. one much of the city cheered on and is still cheering. >> in san francisco we don't have a lot of kids. i think there are a lot of us that are like, yes, we can do something fun for our kids. >> bat ky d helped batman disarm a mysterious device and free
Al Jazeera America
Nov 28, 2013 12:30pm EST
. the simple answer is we just the simple answer is we just don't know. don't know. we would like to think over the we would like to think over the last few decades it's been last few decades it's been largely attributable to too largely attributable to too little exercise or eating too little exercise or eating too much food. much food. and certainly they probably do and certainly they probably do play some role. play some role. but we have to consider the fact but we have to consider the fact that from a calorie basis alone, that from a calorie basis alone, the amount of extra energy we the amount of extra energy we would take in on a daily basis would take in on a daily basis or remove on a daily basis if we or remove on a daily basis if we become less active, only amounts become less active, only amounts to about 10 cal rirs a to about 10 cal rirs a day to day to result in the epidemic. result in the epidemic. to look at someone who might be to look at someone who might be fat and assume they don't fat and assume they don't exercise as much as a thin exercise as much as a thin person or eat
FOX News
Nov 2, 2013 3:00pm PDT
around to talking to him yet. we don't know whether his injuries are actually life-threatening. it's not something authorities have shared with us at this time. but it's very key just how he was injured in terms of how much information he may be able to give the authorities. we have a high security posture right here at the whole airport. terminal 3 has reopened and the airport authority saying things are getting back to normal. it begins to feel that way now. back to you. >> dominic there live at lax, thanks. >>> pakistan is now slamming the united states for a drone strike that killed a taliban leader there yesterday. he is believed to have been behind that failed car bombing in times square in 2010 and the murder of several americans at a c.i.a. outpost in afghanistan in 2009. the friday strike came one day after the pakinstani government said it had started peace talks with the militants. conner powell has more from kabul, afghanistan. >> reporter: u.s. drone have targeted him several times before. in fact, at least twice he's been pronounced dead. however, both pakinstani and
Nov 1, 2013 5:00am PDT
at 39. a lot of 40s. i don't expect these to get too much colder. its already very mild san francisco. i've seen an easterly breeze out around the sunset district. also around san francisco state. as long as that holds we will go 72 for a high today. big change for a weekend will be a system sweeping through. it won't give us much expect for a wind event. today cold lows inland. fog near the coast. i don't think it will do much. that means 70s for anybody. >> steve, good morning. we are starting off the morning well expect for that problem we told you about. but first let's take a look at the other commutes. the bay bridge that looks good if you are trying to get into san francisco it is not a bad commute coming into the city. in the south bay for the most part we are doing well as you drive on 280. you can see traffic is looking good. i want to put up on the maps 680 northbound has a quite a development forming. janine de la vega is live at the scene of this breaking news where one person was killed and other people were injured. janine. >> reporter: yes, sal, i'm right here in the nort
Nov 10, 2013 5:00pm PST
because they don't know what i'm talking about. that's why i contacted you because i was surprised that want police didn't have anything to go with. that the police didn't have anything to go -- that the police didn't have anything to go with. >> reporter: it's unclear how badly hurt the victim was. no one from the police department was available to talk about what happened today. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> developing news in the philippines where rescue workers are struggling to reach devastated towns by powerful typhoon haiyan. there is no confirmed death toll but estimates are that the storm has killed 10,000 people. many who did survive don't have clean water, food or medicine. among the hardest hit areas the neighborhoods have been completely flattened. >> scores of people have now converged at the airport hoping for a flight out. >> reporter: the view from the airshows the devastation. this city took a lashing from typhoon haiyan. thousands are believed to have perished. the storm had a tornadolike force and some say the storm surge was 13 feet high easily wiping
Nov 14, 2013 11:00am PST
public health and our environment don't think that so come in down and see howetty bi on delivery method and particularly a specific delivery method. and we saw all of the benefits of a p3, but there was no discussion of potential down sides or trade offs and i think that maria barlow's cautions were important and it may well be that this was ideal p3 project but i don't think that we got it really frankly very balanced presentation and on the p3 and it was just all candy and ice cream, and it is cheaper and faster and less risk. but, some of the things that would be buying, we need to pay for and we need to pay for someone to finance. we can expect that they will be in the future and we will be paying for the maintenance there and we will be paying to shift the risk and i think that we need a more balanced discussion and it sounded like six slides were just highlights of the indepth analysis and it would be great if you could share that analysis with the board and with the public.. >> this is occurring to p3 and why to design and build the incentives, and for expedited schedule and deli
Nov 25, 2013 11:00pm PST
because you don't know how many lives you'll affect if you don't. >> reporter: neighbors say the lack of a turn signal here puts drivers and pedestrians in the same dangerous space. now instead of planning for the holidays, elijah's family is planning a funeral. >>> of >> we checked the number -- >> we checked the number of pedestrian deaths in the area and found the number is the average from 2005 to 2012 is just over 13. >>> the wife of the palo alto man held in north korea made a public plea today for his release. lee newman said she is respectfully asking north korea to free her husband merrill. >> we're looking forward as a family to being together on thanksgiving and we need to have merrill back at the head of the table for the holidays. >> 85-year-old merrill newman was taken off his plane about a month ago just before it was set to take off. his family has sent his heart medication through diplomatic channels and are hoping it gets to him. newman was reportedly questioned about his service in the korean war the night before he was detained. >>> a man who was moving an excavato
Nov 23, 2013 5:00pm PST
. that's where the fire started. they don't know what started the fire. there's some utilities in there. they had to get pg and e out here quickly to turn off the gas. there's substantial damage to those two buildings but because they got enough fire crews out here quickly they were able to keep the fire from spreading to any of the other buildings around here and as is typical throughout san francisco these buildings are packeding tightly. everyone is okay here. only a couple of apartments were affected but the red cross is on scene working with the people that live inside those apartments to help find other accommodations tonight. >>> there are two wildfires burning in the wine country today as well. one has burned about 300 acres north of napa. firefighters say they have it about 80% contained tonight. the fire started two days ago and destroyed one out building. there are no reports of injury. the cause is under investigation. >>> then the other fires burning north of sonoma kroirngs much larger, burned 3,500 acres so far in the geyser area. the strong winds is making it tough for f
Nov 8, 2013 9:00pm PST
a total of 31 members. harris says this is just changing personnel and not real reform. >> you don't change the protocol and if you don't have the people that make sure they do these people do their jobs. it's no different than it was before. the shake up is more for look than it is i think of any real substance. >> the sheriff's office tells us there will be more staff changes next week. abc 7 news has also learned that federal investigators have been at the hospital all week conducting their own probe. they are from the agency that controls the funding of medicare and medicaid to hospitals. they can fine even shut counsel hospital if they find problems that aren't later fixed. vick le, 7 news. >> wild pig continue to cause all kind of problems in san ramone. just today they were seen trotting through a gateed community and in another neighborhood on west side drive they keep destroying lawn look at the daniel. this week yard assault marked the tenth time the front lawn west side drive have been torn up. hired tra trapper has already captured 12 of these non-native pig in
Nov 6, 2013 8:30pm PST
. that's very difficult from several years ago. >> can i ask you something. i assume they don't color code it like this. >> they don't. i'm trying to make it more transparent for you. >> you got to start some where, right. >> right. so what this means is there's a tremendous demand on the part of consumers. here's a simple example. we were talking earlier, spraining my ankle and going to the ankle room, i think you have to pay $300 up front and 20 percent x-ray, so you have a broken ankle, i'm not sure and i think, i got to pay 20 percent. what is it going to cost me? what is the doctor going to say? i don't know. so in order for consumers to be informed rationale consumers, they need information. this is going to be -- this is a big switch. basically we need to switch our health care delivery system to a retail system. it has been largely a wholesale system where blue cross buys and does most of the paying. now we're asking the individual consumer to get much more involved at a very micro level and the system has not been set up to provide this information. >> can i ask you a
Nov 24, 2013 2:00pm PST
. item to put items on future agenda. >> any public comment on this item? >> sorry. i don't understand. still working on this. >> commissioner fraser. wiener and mar. >> my suspicion is that it will take a while and whose bill it will make it out. to be clear, it's nothing but unclear now. i will keep everyone updated for sure. >> all right. item no. 13. >> the clerk: item 13, discussion item, opportunity for the public to comment on any matters within the boards jurisdiction. >> commissioners, just one quit note while i'm not hard of hearing is that you don't speak directly into the microphone and especially commissioner fraser, we can rarely hear almost all of what you say and it gets lost and you swallow the end of your sentences. after many years. too many years of speech and forensics. commissioner, it's great because we hear everything that you say. i would ask you all to please speak directly into the microphone. we have members who regularly wear hearing aids and we have difficulty understanding what goes on and the commission secretary is right on with her comments. everything
Nov 15, 2013 7:00am PST
in rockefeller plaza. >> i don know if i should say good morning or light a candle. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm willie ist with al rokeand natalie morales. matt h the morning off. look at van damme. that looks like you at yoga class. >> every man is cringing watchi this. >> we can l do this but only ce. >> the stunt is al but jean-claude van damme is not real. >> i wonr how he got out of that. how could you recover? >> me on that in a minut also we have a "today" exclusive today. never before seen deos of john f. kenne. wel show them to you. >> cool stuff. campaigning for present and riding in the very limo he was kied in months before e assassination. they werrecently discovered after being locked away for almost 50 years. > but we'll begin with today's top story. president obama over the healt care rollout disaste peter alexander at the white house with the lest. good morni. >> reporter: gd morning to you. the president is the first to admit has a lot of work aad of him to regain the confidence of the american people. today is critical. we'll sewhether his idea for a temporary fix tobama
Nov 20, 2013 6:00pm PST
, tell me, we don't go back to square one with this thing? >> we might. we just might be heading there. >> reporter: bart might make a last move to try to just remove that one part of the package that is so controversial and pass it but if that doesn't happen, we could be back to the beginning. and here's why. take a look. >> there is nowhere to negotiate. >> reporter: even after 8 months of negotiations and two strikes, bart board of directors say that they are ready to reject the very contract offer that they made to the unions saying there is no way that they can accept the six weeks of paid family leave that they say was mistakenly added to the final draft. >> anything that adds cost to the contract i'm not able to vote for at this point. >> reporter: bart and its two biggest unions met this week to go over the cost of the six- week family leave package which depending on which side you talk to could cost any from $1.45 million to $11 million over the course of the contract. and thus drive the total package to over $100 million. >> so you're rolling the dice on this. >> we are. th
Nov 16, 2013 11:00pm PST
have the -- i don't want to repeat it. and after one minute i hear boom, boom, boom. >> deputies ordered the woman to drop the knife but say she refused and then fired. she died at the scene. >>> a woman is accused of stabbing an eight-year-old boy and a man during a domestic dispute. police found both victims after getting 911 calls about a disturbance. the boy is hospitalized in critical condition. >>> the sonoma ferry did more than just ferry riders today. it helped rescue a stranded sailor. a man fell overboard trying to fix his sail. he was spotted by people on the ferry clinging to the side of his boat. he was transferred to a police boat after they were called to assist. the man was not seriously injured. >>> time for a check on the weather today. >> we are seeing the low clouds and fog. it backed off this afternoon and it allowed the temperatures to warm into the 60s. but it moves back inland overnight. it was 62 in san francisco. where the fog set, strong onshore winds, half-moon bay only 58. antioch, 66. rain, it's back in the forecast. we'll take a look at when you can
Nov 10, 2013 11:00pm PST
. and i would never thought is was going happen. i'm scared because i don't know what's going t happen. they're going to come back. i don't know. i'm not safe. >>neighbors, many of who left candles outside the house told and both in their 30s.ispanic one was sa, the other short. they were seen driving away in a small, black truck. >> police say a shooting happened and 2:0 this afternn not far fromity hall. fort authorities found one ctim with leg wounds and another with wounds to the face, possibly with plet fragments. they're asking my onionses to co fard to help with the investigatio >> a ballot measure wou d away with the state of limitation limitations for a statue of limitations on sex crime against children. one victim homes the fundraiser will make a difference. >> i'm happy to talk about the cause to end the psyching of sexual abuse. and eveone renewing their commitment. >> he needs to collect half a million signatures to get it on the ballot. wouldot be retroactive but protect children now for the rest of their ves. >> grab and goood has forced a recall. more than 90 tons of e
FOX News
Nov 13, 2013 3:00am PST
. second place not sitting well with rahm emanuel. don't give him the runner-up trophy. we're number two, but the show is number one. "fox & friends" starts now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's a great way to begin your day. >> his whole point was it's not the building structure itself. chicago is. but if you count the antenna, new york wins. >> the antenna quote, that will go down in history. >> every time i see him, i envision him in a towel poking me in the chest. >> he calls up people in the shower. >> he did at the house gym. >> i've never been comfortable in the shower. >> i'm all for healthy competition but i say new york. we should have that. >> any way, we've got more on it in a little while. give us five or so minutes we're going to completely update you on obamacare. the president of the united states was in dallas last weekend talking about how the website was going to be better by the end of this month. "the washington post" is quoting some sources inside the white house saying that it is unlikely now that it is going to be fixed. valerie jarrett, who pretty much
Nov 9, 2013 10:00pm PST
of a 13-year-old boy by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. >> i don't have the words for it. it is really horrific. it is a great human tragedy. >> catastrophic devastation in the wake of one of the strongest tropical storms every to hit land. and we one of the most high profile women in politics doesn't want to be seen in san francisco. good evening. hillary clinton is in the bay air tonight but she is keeping a very low profile. brian webb has been chasing her all day. >> reporter: she just wrapped up a convention behind me. but in both places, it was no media allowed. [ cheers and applause ] on the steps of the moscone center, hillary clinton supporters held signs and sang songs. >> i want her to come out and say hello, but she need to know we are behind her. >> he is waiting to shut the whole building down. >> reporter: inside the center at the national association of realtors convention, dozens were turned in. no more room to hear the keynote speech by hillary clinton and people who came from far awry not happy. >> we got to e-mail our president as well as hillary clinton. this is ho
Nov 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
being on fire is not okay. >> reporter: we don't know much about the victim. we only know that he is 18 years old. earlier today we heard reports that the victim was wearing a kilt. that information is not true. they will not reveal exactly what he was wearing. we'll have more at 6:00. >>> happening now, it's been a wild day in roaner park. our chopper over highway 101 and the new casino there. you see all the cars down below and all the people down below. a big concern was traffic and they were right. traffic on 101 not so bad, but traffic in the parking lot and inside the casino literally overflowing. there were so many people at one point the casino had to close its doors. it's been crowded since 9:00 a.m. >> doors opened at 9:00. by 11:00 a.m., doors closed. too many people. they've been letting small batches of people inside. if you're in the north bay, you know this has been a ten-year project filled with controversy. finally open for business. >> this is so cool. >> it is unbelievable. all the fighting that went on. all the court fights and everything else. >> people ready to gam
Nov 8, 2013 11:30pm PST
. >> lauren levine cares about her privacy. >> i don't even want to be on tv talking about this, but it is something that is really important. people don't know that this is happening. >> reviewing lauren's facebook profile from a stranger's account her privacy settings make nothing visible to anyone but her friends until we click in the search box at the top of the page. >> and all kinds of menu options come up, photos of me and friends of mine and photos by me. >> the menu is part of graph search. it rolled out over the summer and a recent policy change says you can't opt out of it. >> photos i commented on and liked and photos my friends commented on, all kinds of things and i had no idea it was there. >> though everything lauren posts on facebook is private, sometimes she is tagged or comments on a friend's picture that is shared publicly. and now any stranger can look at those tags and comments from her profile. >> it is page after page after page it is really alarming. >> after lauren brought the story to our attention we rounded up the volunteers who said they would graph
Nov 25, 2013 9:00pm PST
to prove it. laura has the story. >> well, i'm not a hero. i mean i don't want -- i don't wear a batman suit or superman or these you know these characters. i just reacted the way i did. >>reporter: stockton man who tried to catch a woman who jumped from the third deck of the coliseum after yesterday raider game told abc 7 news he would do it again. >> she started to descend i braced myself to catch her. i was hoping i can when i caught her lock my arms around her so she could absorb the impact with me. but unfortunately she hit and she bounced off. >>reporter: 61-year-old don ended up with severe bruising to his left arm but no serious injuries when the young woman he tried to catch landed knees first into his arms sending both of them to the pavement. what ran through his mind is don't let all the people see this. try to save her. try to stop it. >>reporter: it was just 15 minutes after the raider game at the coliseum. vietnam war veteran and raider season ticket holder he and pal were walking outside on concourse when they saw the woman grave feet above. she had crawled out
Nov 22, 2013 6:00am PST
properly with the tracks. so they have to manually crank systems to route the trains. >> we don't have bart service this morning and we are not going to have service until further notice. so we are advising our customers to seek alternate means of transportation. its a huge inconvenience we know but we are not able to run the trains with the computer system become down as it is. >> reporter: the glitch happened shortly before midnight and effected 19 trains with 500 to 1,000 people on board. those passengers experienced delays up to two hours long. trains stopped arounding around 2:00 this morning. they have been down ever since. bart says it is staging the trains to be prepared for when the glitch is fixed. for now bart is saying find another way to work. right now we are going to check in with my colleague brian flores who is live at the hayward bart station to find out how riders there are taking the news. >> reporter: certainly they are frustrated and confused. i want to show you a sign that is on the platform here. it says there is no bart service as you mentioned until further notice
Nov 26, 2013 10:00pm PST
man said he had been delayed for hours others were just fed up. >> i don't think frustrated would be the word to use right now. >> i've been out here at least a good 50 minutes. it's definitely frustrating. >> i was on the train. had to get off the train. i've been waiting for the next train. >> reporter: service was restored at 7:00 but passengers said the trains were still too crowded to board. a train operator heading in the opposite direction noticed electrical arching and called in the problem. later tonight at 10:30, trouble for travelers. we're pinpointing a massive storm that's expected to cause big problems at mayor airports tomorrow. >>> a police investigation goes online and uncovers something unexpected. a suspected internet predator is in custody and his computers are confiscated. heather holmes live in martinez with the tip that caught the man. >> reporter: a connection that started on craigslist. while conducts an online investigation into another crime, detectives in martinez came upon something disturbing an ad on craigslist, soliciting sex with a girl of any age
Nov 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
for the department of public works? >> no questions, and thank you very much for your work and why don't we open this up to public comment. i don't see any speaker cards, on item number one it appears that any member of the public who would like to speak, on item one, please come forward. seeing none, public comment is closed. so colleagues we have this item, this ordinance, amending the police code that has been introduced by supervisor cohen do we have a motion? >> supervisor mar? we have a motion to move this forward and so if we could take that without objection. >> mr. clerk, could you call item number two. >> it is a hearing to review the tender loin hunger task force assessment of the need for the tender loin and the food security task force. >> this is an item that has been introduced by supervisor eric mar, i want to thank supervisor mar for his leadership on this issue, it has been co-sponsored by supervisor kim, cohen and chiu, and i would like to add my name, and so i will turn it over to supervisor mar and i would like to thank all of the members of the public that are here today to
Nov 21, 2013 7:00pm PST
, many people are not enrolled and so we don't want that to be a barrier and we could use the existing networks, such as health providers and school counselors and certainly or other agencies like dos and hsa, we want to expand this beyond the farmer's, and beyond farmer's market as much as that provides, an accident source of food in our city. but we want to include the retail as well. we then drive the activity into the community and it benefits all, creating it. 19,000 do not have kitchens and which means that these people have no ability, relatively to little or no ability to actually store the food in the fridge and prepare the food in any way, except in a hot plate or a mike wave and that limits the option to prepare the food and they are certainly more expensive or putting more increased demand on the dining room. and if the people have the kitchens that will be the quality and be able to use the benefits or use a local supplement or even go to the food pantry. and with that, i would like to go back to dr. jones to talk about the next steps, thank you. >> thank you, terry. so no
Nov 5, 2013 3:30pm PST
. this slide provides s -- you probably can't see it well, i don't know how well your screen can display this. the numbers have changed but this is a condense version of the projects that are being recommended. i wish we had more than $3 billion. if we had $6.5 billion, we probably would be able to meet most of the demand. the new revenue, so this is the tricky part. where to fund the money? the task force members looked at probably 20, 25 different proposals on how to raise revenue for transportation in san francisco. and we landed really on three options that we're recommending be posed to the voters if not at the same time, very close together. the first is a go bond. i've been in the city of san francisco for 31 years and i haven't seen a go bond. mta has the ability to do revenue bonds and you're starting to do that and do it slowly and the agencies are looking favorablely, but the city and county have a great credit rating. we have the capacity and the task force is recommending $2,500 million -- two -- >> there is significant debt capacity to have a $500 million bond in novem
Nov 16, 2013 1:05am PST
of the cost of the entire $67 million tentative agreement. they say a deal is a deal. >> i don't see how it is an honest mistake.u signed it you signed it. we signed it. >> bart riders are frustrated. >> i don't want another strike. >> tom hawk is out and a new chief negotiator will be named soon. lillian kim, abc news. whatd let's talk about what is going right. batkid captured our hearts and the city. the city was transformed to gothem city 20* help -- to help miles scott's dream come true. he was presented the key to the city. sergio, what a day. >> what a day indeed. tonight san francisco city hall is lit up in batkid's colors and while it was a wish come true for the 5-year-old it was a spectacular day for thousands of people to watch. as emerged from batman's smoky base of operations in a lamborghini bat mobile it was the beginning of a day long adventure. one much of the city cheered on and is still cheering. >> in san francisco we don't have a lot of kids. i think there are a lot of us that are like, yes, we can do something fun for our kids. >> bat ky d helped batman disarm a m
Nov 16, 2013 11:30pm PST
had multiple sclerosis. >> it was something she was having trouble dealing with. >> i don't get it. i don't get it. >> even if she was uncooperative deputies could have given her time with no history of violence and no one in the apartment with her. why couldn't you use a taser? okay, she had a knife, maybe you need to calm her down. not destroy her whole family. >> the sheriff won't have an update until monday. on the taser question, it's simple. they couldn't use them because they don't carry them. the sheriff department is one of the few law enforcement agencies in santa clara county that doesn't. >> part of highway 116 in sonoma county will be closed until 5:00 a.m. after a crash that brought down a power line and started several fires. four fires started near adobe road. the car hit a power pole, the pole landed on another car. the driver of the car that hit the pole was taken to the hospital. pg&e is on the scene repairing that power line. >>> new developments in the bart labor deal. bart board of directors is ordering the general manager to hire a new chief negotiator. union le
Nov 24, 2013 11:00pm PST
don't know where to go with that. >> black friday, it's like blackout friday for me. >> you're not meant to do that. >> check this out. the 49ers drop to third place in the nfc west today without even playing a game. you ul hear from one player who hopes to get him back in the playoff picture come tomorrow night. and would have, could have, should have. a chance to paint themselves in the playoff picture. highlights and reactions from the coliseum this afternoon are next here on nbc bay area. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is jus
Nov 10, 2013 7:00am PST
miles per hour. still a westerly track at 21 miles per hour. that's good news as you don't want them to slow down right off the coast as you need to move in through the next 24 hours or so. it will continue to weaken by this afternoon with a 65 miles per hour winds estimated. and then tomorrow morning, 40 miles per hour. and still it is going to bring a storm surge as well as significance and flooding rains, but at least it is weakening. let's come back home. waking up with more fog yesterday and temperatures, they are cool, but it is not as cold in most cases to take a look at those numbers in just a moment. for the afternoon, slightly cooler. a few degrees and mostly sunny skies as they do remain dry through your veteran's day on monday. and 44 in napa. upper to lower 40s. this is a cool start for santa rosa. now, we sunk to about 37 or was it 35 degrees. very cold outside your door, just a few degrees and half moon bay, yesterday they woke up mostly clear and it was a chilly start. mostly cloudy at 54 degrees for your afternoon and 69 for vallejo and san rafael and oakland and the
Nov 18, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> reporter: a dperate prayer as a monster tornado passes by and dons of twisters traveled across the heartland. a tornado killed two people there but it cou have been worse. it ripped the steeple off this church. at t height of the storm anchors at a peoria ws station had sign off and seek shelter. >> we need to go up. we'll be back when we n. >> reporter: achicago's soldier eld, >> the game will be temporarily suspended. >> reporter: a retreat was dered for fans and players alike as the brs and ravens waited out a tordo warning. "today" show viewers using twitteto send us stunning pictures. a twister churning across a field. a home and c destroyed and several imagines of the splintered landscape left by the tornadoes. one twister re up a coffee shop in lenon, indiana. >> the debris started to kick up and that's wn i said, mom, i've got to go. >> reporr: some sections of washington, illino were leveled whilothers were left relatively uouched. >> those are our two vehicle sitting across in the field. one of which was inside of our garage. >> reporter: cars gone. homedestroyed. th
Nov 14, 2013 6:00pm PST
every precaution to stay healthy. family worries about what she is about to see. >> i don't think at last anything that can prepare anybody for what we're going to see over there. but you know i have the training. we need to heal them. we need to heal everybody over there and we're in a great position to do that. >> reporter: just a couple of days, more than 2,000 nurses from 50 states and 12 countries have signed up to volunteer through this national network. again, these trips are funded by donations, so if you would like to help, just visit our website, to find out how. back to you. >> thank you, betty yu live at sfo. those nurses are going to be put to work as soon as they get on the ground. in the meantime, we want you to go to work and call us, 1-888-5- helps-u. that's how your donation gets to the red cross. and right now, you have donated a total of $319,212. that is fantastic. about 1800 donors in the bay area, we applaud that. we're not done yet. wendy, you have someone else here? >> yes, state senator leland yee is here to join in our efforts. 30% of th
Nov 19, 2013 9:00pm PST
by people who don't need them. the numbers tell the story. according to the committee there are 500,000 placard in the bay area. but only 29,000 regular meaters an 7 husz blue spaces in san francisco. the recommendations approved by the mta board tonight include increasing local enforcement. increasing the number of blue spaces by 4 70. and start to go work on getting state legislation for improved certification and management of placard at the dmv which could cut down on flood >> right now they have no way to track whether a clinic certifies 50 a week. 500 a week. 1 a month. they are operating system is still doss that's how antiquated the system is. >>reporter: if the committee gets the changes it wants from the state then it will come become at the time beard of supervisor force the local law. >> if the state passes authorizing legislation it would still have to come become to any city that wanted to consider their own local decision-making pro circumstances including allowing time limits and the paying meter to request with with them at disabled spaces. this is abc 7 new
Nov 15, 2013 11:00pm PST
in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. >>> and that breaking news, the possibility of a another bart strike. bart's board voted to renegotiate the labor contract with the unions. tonight the unions are balking. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. lillian kim was at that board meeting, and she has the late-breaking details. >> bart's board of directors emerged from their closed door meeting after three hours. in a 7-1 vote they decided to go back to the bargaining table with the unions. >> what is important is to try to find a middle ground to address this difficult issue. >> at board is the clerical error. it says employees can receive six weeks of paid leave under the federal medical leave act. that provision was a mistake and negotiators likely signed the form after reading it. >> they di
Nov 5, 2013 11:00pm PST
someone to trap the pack of pigs that did $10,000 worth of damage to the golf course. >>> don't fence me in. that's what some upset neighbors in saratoga are saying this evening. the water district wants to put up a fence celebrating -- separating calabasas creek from their back yard to mark their property lines. george kiriyama has more. >> reporter: for years the skyler family has had their own fence separating their backyard from calabasas creek. but their own fence may not be the true boundary of their property and the property of the santa clara water district. >> we got a notice from the water district saying they wanted to survey the land to find out where the property line is. that if, in fact, our fence encroaches on to their property they'd come in and just slap down a 42-inch black chain link fence. and i was a little surprised by that. >> reporter: if that's true, then this nice path and these blackberry bushes would have to be removed. that makes caroline angry. >> if we are encroaching to actually lose some of the property would be horrible. you spend all this time as a pro
Nov 2, 2013 6:30pm PDT
's largest union has approved a contract. kpix 5's don knapp is at the daly city bart station with details. >> reporter: to hear bart and the unions talk about it it was never just about wages it was always about work rules and safety rules. if that's the case, then they both got some of what they wanted. bart riders were mostly just glad the strike is over and the contracts have been ratified. but there's lingering anger over workers strike that tied up the bay area. >> it was a very difficult situation for a couple of days and a lot of people were pretty heavily inconvenienced, but collective bargaining is important. >> reporter: work and safety rules that nearly torpedoed the talks got renewed attention after two workers were killed, struck by a train on the bart tracks. the deaths may have helped end the strike. >> it's most unfortunate but, yes, there was a lot of light shed on the real safety issues that are going on with bart. >> reporter: she says 88% of seiu's 1400 members approved the contract and says work safety was a big reason. >> our people are the people that step on the tr
Nov 5, 2013 1:35am PST
feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team. okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season. >>> this is kpix5 news. christin ayers is at the s >> a young tourist vanishes off a bay area street after calling his family with a creepy message. >> we have the story from the spot he was last heard from one week ago tonight. >> reporter: i'm standing right about where palo neto was when he called his family in brazil to tell them he thought someone was after him. it has been seven days and now his family has traveled thousands of miles from brazil
Nov 23, 2013 6:30pm PST
. don knapp is in the exclusive presid yore heights neighborhood where the search for a cause is beginning. don? >> reporter: ann, the cause of the fire is still unknown but firefighters do know where the fire broke out. a very bad place between two wooden buildings and a row of wooden buildings and by the time firefighters got here the buildings were burning pretty hot. now we have some video provided by kpix 5 viewer and let's take a look. as you can see, the fire burned hot, fast and sent up quite a bit of smoke. firefighters quickly called in a second alarm. then a third alarm. and then spent two and a half hours battling to get it all under control. now there are about three residential units in the two buildings that burned and shops on the ground floor. isabella hutton was in her shop when the fire broke out. >> we started to hear voices fire fire, so i left. and i see -- flames but we were not this -- i went back and hoping to put everything into the safe. and then was already a knock on the door, out out out. we are under fire. so -- that's it. was when -- [ indiscern
Nov 3, 2013 8:00pm PST
with a weapon. don't try to take him on. his safety is not worth the money in the till. he absolutely did the right thing. >> police say armed robberies in walnut creek are rare. in this case, doesn't appear to be linked to any other. suspect is described as 5'9", with a medium build. last seen wearing dark sweatshirt, gray baseball hat and sunglasses. in walnut creek, kron4 news. >>> traffic accident stalled traffic. a man got out of his car. while in the span, ran into traffic a little after 10:00 a.m. was hit by a minivan. traffic was blocked for more than half an hour. the residual effect was felt for several hours. the man was transported to san francisco general hospital. >>> the biggest gun show wrapped up in the cal palace, despite a recent attempt from keeping it from taking place. ron kelly explains. >>> people walked away from the crossroads at the cal pal loss with firearms an munition and even mash et each happy they are able to do so. >> we as gun owners don't want our guns chiseled. >> one person not happy, state senator ron leno, who passed bill, to allow gun shows to take
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